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Tutorial: A Beginners Guide to Computer Lettering

  1. Introduction
  2. The Hardware
  3. The Software
  4. The Lettering Process
  5. Common Misconceptions

The Lettering Process:

Currently, Comicraft's process of computer lettering with Marvel, Image and most other publishers works like this:

  1. 1. After inked artboards have been delivered to the editor, they are the passed to the production department which produces high-definition scans for delivery to the company or individual responsible for the color separation of the book.

  2. 2. Production then produces low-definition copies of those same scans and transmits them to Comicraft via an online service or remote access computer link-up.

  3. 3. Comicraft drops each scan into an Illustrator document. Once in place, the scans are used as templates for lettering -- in much the same way that a hand letterer would use a xerox of artwork as a guide for lettering when he is providing his work on a vellum overlay.

  4. 4. The Comicraft letterer then transcribes the dialogue, sound effects, captions and titles indicated by the writer -- always keeping an eye out for characters who should be given special 'voices'. (This effect is created by a unique balloon shape and/or a distinctive lettering style.) In the course of lettering just one page of artwork, Comicraft might utilize anywhere between one and fifteen different fonts.

  5. 5. After each page is completed, Comicraft generates 8.5 x 11 laser proofs which are sent to the editor for approval.

  6. 6. Once the editor has indicated corrections and approved revised proofs, Comicraft transmits the lettering files to the publisher or color separator, where they are married electronically with color files prior to film output.

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