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Text and the City: West Los Angeles Graffiti 94-95

Back in '94, the wife-to-be and I moved into our first apartment together, just off Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles. The downsides: break-ins, gunshots and police helicopters. The upsides: great restaurants, cool shops, and the most incredible graffiti art I'd ever laid eyes on. I began (and quickly became, oh, just a tad obsessed with) taking pictures of every piece I could find between Melrose Ave and the Comicraft office in Santa Monica.

I decided the big, bold words were not unlike giant sound effects, and soon created the fonts SchoolsOut, Hooky and our newest release PhatBoi, which we used for titles, credits and SFX in Ghost Rider 2099 and wherever else graffiti-style lettering was needed in a comic. — JG

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