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Comic Creation

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Creating Comics is Dave Law's source of information for comic writers, artists, letterers, and self-publishers. Includes links to various resources on the Internet for practically every aspect of comic creation. maintains a great list of Comics writers and artists' official sites, as well as other good comics creation resources.

Comic Colors Comic Colors (formerly Comic Colorists Unite). For anybody wanting to get started coloring comics, or looking for techniques to improve their work, this is the site to check out! They've got a huge gallery of pro and amateur work, links to tutorials on coloring (as well as penciling, inking and writing), and a message board (often frequented by pro colorists) for talking shop.

The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art In addition to his now-legendary school, Joe Kubert has created a new series of Correspondence Courses whose focus is specifically on comic book art. Written, designed, illustrated and produced by Joe, the courses detail every facet of comic book work in step-by-step methodology. If you're serious about making a career in the comics industry, this is a great way to start.

Writers! Can't decide whether to spell KERAACK with two 'A's or three? Refer to Ka-BOOM! A Dictionary of Comicbook Words on Historical Principles for the answer!

Free Tools maintains an excellent Art/Comics/Drawing Tutorials links page.

The Sevloid Resource List is a list of Web sites containing advice and information for cartoonists.

The Drawing Cartoons Theme Page has links to information about Drawing Cartoons, particularly for students and teachers.

Also check out the Open Directory's Comics and Cartoons page for links to a number of hand-picked sites with cartooning tutorials.

Publishing Resources:

An Artist's Guide to Breaking Into Comics; My Two Cents by Steve Buccellato

If you're a self-publisher, or trying to get work in the comics industry, check out these sites for lists of industry and comic-store addresses:

Indy Magazine also has some great interviews with comics creators, and convention info.
Cerebus the Gopher also has a "Meeting Grounds" for comics creators to get together.
The Master List of comic book and trading card stores.

The Negative Space Text Archive has an excellent collection of articles on pursuing Comics as a Career.

If you're planning to license your comic out to movies or anywhere else, make sure you read the useful essay first: HOLLYWOOD & THE COMICS CREATOR: Notes about Option/Purchase Agreements by Jean-Marc Lofficier.

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