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Lettering: Creating 3D Logos

Chris writes:
"I was just on the Comicraft site looking through the comic title logos when the logos for "Juggernaut" and "Onslaught" caught my eye because of the 3D effect placed on it. I was just wondering how you achieved this effect as I have been trying to do the same effect for quite some time.

"I imagine it was done in Illustrator. I know you can copy and paste the logo, downsize it, place it behind the original, do a blend and combine the blended steps. However, doing this does not show the "planes" of the letter. The only way I can think that you did it was to sit and painstakingly draw each line with the pen tool. Am I right/wrong? Any help would be appreciated."

Those logos were done using KPT Vector Effects, which is a great set of plug-ins for Illustrator. There's one called "3D Transform" that lets you control the angle, perspective, depth, bevel size, etc. KPT plug-ins are great, and this is no exception.

The filter is geared more towards metallic-looking realistic stuff, so to get the "hard line" comic-book look, set the "Complexity" and "Metallic" settings as low as they'll go, ignore the color settings, and after you apply the filter, set the whole object to Black line/White fill with round corners.

Note: Vector Effects has not been updated by Corel for OSX or recent versions of Windows. However, Illustrator CS2 now has a 3D effect filter built-in, which appears to do basically the same tasks, though we've yet to check it out.

KPT Vector Effects
(now put out by Corel)
Available for Mac and

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